Saturday, February 13, 2016

CNY 2016 - 初一

CNY is probably my favouritest time of the year. I personally like it because I can get to spend time with my family and see all the extended family members who we only see once a year (unless there's a wedding or what)

Lets start off this post with my family picture! Hehe not your usual mainstream family portrait but here's mine! My parents are the reason why I believe in love and marriage. :) They have been married for 30years but they are still so loving every day. IMG_0789
Mandatory shot with jiejie! Borrowed her clutch, as usual hehe. Before every dinner/gathering where we dress up, jiejie would have to worry if I have anything to wear, what bag Im using. Its like I have her as my stylist! Hehe. #bestsisterever

Headed over to Ahma's house - our first stop, for lunch! And look who we saw! Ansel's soooo cute! The last time I saw him was during his 1st month celebration and he's already 8months plus now! Babies really do grow superrrr fast. 

Cutie pie!

Grabbed Ahma for a picture inbetween places and hehe ahma's so beautiful. Every year without fail, she will wake up so early, cook and when we're eating, she'll pile heaps of food on our plates, and she'll only start to eat when we force her to sit down and stop walking around. I love you ahma!

Off to the next stop, the Granduncle's house opposite Great world city! Its where most of our extended family gathers every year. Nice to always see everyone laughing and catching up. :)
9 grandchildren but only 5 are in this picture because 2 are overseas, 2 were visiting at their Dad's side of the family!
My millenium baby is all grown up now and she's so tall! 
My 2 army boys! One in Tekong and the other in Civil defence. :)
Its his turn to be enlisted next year already! The last of the 4 boys. Hehe.
When I'm with them, I know I'm home. 

Missing Jing and Reiko! :)

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Happy 50th birthday, Singapore!

Haha mega throwback to national day. Wearing - Striped black shirt from The Sunday Avenue in this favourite picture with my country's flag. :)

 photo IMG_3521_1.jpg  photo IMG_2980_1.jpg  photo IMG_3126.jpg
Brow game going strong.
 photo IMG_3519.jpg  photo IMG_3273.jpg

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Time with the family

Been a long time since I last went out with Ahma to Orchard to shop. I remember when Jiejie and I were in our teens, Ahma and Ahgong would bring us out to Orchard to shop, buy things for us and bring us for good food. This time, we went out with Ahma only because Ahgong wouldnt be able to stay outside and walk for too long. 
 photo IMG_2416.jpg
Me in my favourite worn-to-death Hollyhoque culottes! My sister has seen me wear this so many times that she told Sheila she doesnt want to see me in it anymore & I need new pairs of culottes! XD
 photo IMG_2186.jpg
This is Ahma. She took really good care of Jiejie and I when we were growing up and of course the other cousins! We were really lucky to be the first 2 grandchildren because we spent alot of time with them. :)

We had a family gathering the next day at the Uncle's new place and Reiko's back from London during her summer vacation! He moved back from UK and is going to be in Singapore for good now! Finally! I'm sure Ahgong and Ahma are pleased. But we'll have to wait till Reiko finishes her dance in London in 2 more years time for the entire family to be reunited for good!
 photo IMG_2257.jpg  photo IMG_2254.jpg
In an old romper I have but hardly ever worn out. I think I got it from Bkk. :P
 photo IMG_2411.jpg
Hehe the 5 ladies of the family! My favouritest cousins. :)

Shenshen made chicken rice and it was so yummy that Xiaoshen thought she bought them! Shenshen prepared 4 chickens for 17 of us! (Missing Xiaoshu and Guzhang) It was really yummy and I had to refrain myself from getting more rice!
 photo IMG_2414.jpg
Looking at this makes me so hungry. Shenshen made her own chilli as well! I heard it was really spicy but good! It was good that I didnt try it because I cannot take spicy food for nuts.

 photo IMG_3950.jpg
Gugu prepared fruit salad which was super addictive. I ended up picking out the cherry tomatoes to eat first before the rest because I have the habit of keeping the best for last. In this case, its def the grapes and blueberries!

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