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6D Eyebrow embroidery at Nouri Face and Body Concepts

A few Sundays ago, I visited Nouri Face & Body Concepts to have 6D Eyebrow Embroidery done on my brows. Like most girls, I have always had an issue with the perfect shape of eyebrows due to unnecessary threading/plucking in my younger days. And it was only in recent years when I realised how important brows are as they really affect how amiable/fierce/approachable/unwelcoming a person appears. 

Korean eyebrow embroidery in Singapore have gained popularity in recent years and believe it when I say soooo many girls have gone through the procedure just to ease their girly makeup duties every single day. I face the trouble of having to draw my brows every morning and I find it an ultimate chore because I cant draw them well! This leaves me with brows that look different every single day. Too thick, too dark, too unnatural, too everything but perfect. 

As I have struggled with drawing/shading/filling in the gaps in my brows for so long, I have considered going for these procedures previously but due to online forums/feedback from friends and of course, pricing, I have always ended up deciding not to go through it in fear of the pain I would have to bear and also that the end result may not turn out the way I wanted them to. But one thing I am relieved about is that this isn't a permanent thing as most embroideries last 1-2 years, long enough for me to spare myself from worrying about bad brow days, especially on days where I find my strokes not as gentle as usual and I end up looking alot like Crayon Shin Chan yikesss. 

 Jiejie accompanied me on the day I headed to Nouri to get my eyebrows done! Hehe actually because I've never had anything major done to my face before and I was really afraid that it might hurt :/ Despite the fear before the procedure, I was so excited because I was really looking forward to not having to draw my brows every morning. Imagine the time saved on my brows! Hehe I would be able to sleep in longer! 

Here's a picture with my dear sister who accompanied me & Valerie, the owner of NouriFBC :) Yeap thats me with brows that have lived with me for so long, only getting thinner, with shape that varies :X

Valerie recently moved to CT Hub 2 and she has such a comfortable place where I felt so at home.

She went through so many courses and all these certificates belongs to her! Her experience and skills range from brows, to facials to post natal care!

The eyebrow embroidery work station is located on the loft, which, according to Valerie, a first in Singapore. I felt really comfortable at the loft, together with the soothing background music that was playing.

Valerie explained the entire procedure to me and also the time taken for each step. First up, I made myself comfortable in this reclining chair!

Valerie removed my makeup (brows) for me and as you can see, I have really sparse, uneven and arched brows which do not really compliment my facial features and makes me look alittle fierce at times.

She proceeded to put on the numbing cream from Germany for a good 45 minutes! She doesn't compromise on the numbing cream and duration so that there would be absolutely no pain during the entire process.

I know i look ridiculous! Hehe looking pretty much like Santa here.

After 45 mins, Valerie started our consultation session where she asked me what brows I was looking for. Unlike other artists, Valerie numbs the brows before going through and asking me about the ideal shape of brows I would like to have. This is to ensure that the design of the brows do not get wiped off when removing the numbing cream after 45 minutes!

Right, back to the perfect brows I had in mind, watching too much korean variety shows have of course made me want to have korean brows! I expressed interest in straight korean brows and Valerie mentioned that because of my face shape, straight korean brows may not suit me and hence, she decided to give it a nice tweak which I found, pretty suitable for me! This took me less than 15mins!

Here's Valerie designing my set of brows for me!

Valerie went ahead with the procedure after we were done with the brow design! The tools used by Nouri are of a premium quality from Korea and Germany and for hygiene purposes, these tools are disposable. Valerie also shared with me that the colour pigments used are from Korea! (My fav country hehe)

It was a really painless process! All thanks to the numbing cream being left on for 45mins! Less than an hour after Valerie started, the procedure was over! hehe she used a thin and fine blade to work the strokes and when she was done with the strokes, she left the colour on for 15mins so it would set in before going through the strokes and covering areas she missed in the first round. Valerie was also attentive during the process as she would check if I feel pain/the numbing cream has worn off. Her hands were really steady and it was over in a blink of an eye! And because it was painfree, you could really fall asleep during the process!

I was in awe after the procedure as I finally had the brows I always wanted. Oh but yes, be prepared as its natural for the brows to look harsh and darker than it would be, immediately after the procedure. You may/may not experience scabbing after a day or two and the brow area may appear slightly red and alittle sore but these did not last past 3 days for myself. & the brows would definitely look more natural after. Do apply the gel diligently to soothe the skin after! Valerie will give you sufficient gel for postcare! :)

 Putting on makeup has never been better, after having my brows done. You can too!

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