Monday, December 9, 2013

2 Degree Ice Art 2013 - 2014

Bought the tickets to 2Degree Ice Art 2013 - 2014 online 3 weeks back (There was the early bird discount) and decided to go for it yesterday! Woke up really early, as usual - 8am to prep myself for Hot Pilates. It has been such a routine to attend Hot Pilates and Pilates classes on Sunday mornings that I feel more than just fat (less fit too) when I miss my weekly Pilates sessions. Hehe. 

Just a couple of #selfies to start off the blogpost! Sigh I know, my pink highlights have disappeared... Whats left is blonde/gold... Boo. Note to self: Go and get them touched up before Xmas! 

Can't wait for my braces to be off! :D I reckon it should be less than 3months before I can see my nice straight teeth and it'd be byebye braces! :)

I should really get used to smiling without teeth. Gives off a different feel I guess! He tells me I look much better smiling without teeth; more natural. Although I beg to to differ, I shall accept feedback graciously. Hehe

Had a quick lunch at Bao Today @ Marina Square before heading to the Art exhibition. 

Quick fix that tasted not too bad for a simple $4.80 meal! We ordered Siew mai & Liu Sha Bao too but we gobbled it down too quickly!

Anyway, decided to take the train there because we thought parking could cost quite a bit. Heh. Hopped on the train at Esplanade, we had to change train at Promenade before alighting at Bayfront. If you're thinking of heading there by train, take the Exit A, the Art Exhibition is held at a Standalone building just 3mins from Exit A of Bayfront Station. 

The Ice Art Exhibition features Singapore and International Landmarks such as the Merlion, Sir Stamford Raffles, London's Big Ben, France's Eiffel Tower and more! Be warned though, its really really cold! At -15degrees, its really like Winter wonderland in Singapore! You can choose to come prepared in your thick winter wear or rent a coat at $5. Ticket holders get complimentary gloves which  are really really necessary at the event venue! 

The tickets to the Art exhibition! Just fyi, the Ice Art exhibition opened its doors to Public on the 20th of November and runs till 15 May 2014. For those of you who are interested in it, fret not! You still have 5 months! :) 

Here's me doing a Sir Stamford Raffles pose! I'll let the pictures do the talking!

Paris's Eiffel Tower!

I was really freezing by then! I wanted to keep the hoodie off initially, just to look good in pictures, but my ears couldnt take the cold. hehe. I had a thick jacket worn below the coat we rented but it was still so cold! It would have been better if the coat had pockets for us to dig out hands in! 

London's Big Ben

New York's Statue of Liberty

Santa and his Reindeers! 

Heh heh i was busy uploading the Instavid of myself going down the slide! :)

Wrong focus :(

With Qilin - i know you can't see it well but thats the Qi lin that is very commonly seen in Taiwan and places with historic remembrance. 

Here's the last shot taken at the Ice Art exhibition with this goofy shot taken with Little Dinosaur!

Just a little review on the Ice Art; It felt really good being in such an environment in Singapore, it seemed as though it was really Wintertime in Sg. It was awesome seeing the popular landmarks of the world being carved out of Ice too. 

However, we felt that the exhibition ended alittle too soon. After snapping some shots and walking on, we found ourselves making a quick U turn and there stood the EXIT sign. But of course we cannot expect it to be as large scale as what it was in Harbin, China. 

Nonetheless, we had fun and for those of you with an interest in capturing the carved ice landmarks, do swing by! Tickets are going at $32 for Adults and $26 for Children. Children who are below the age of 9 years old or whose height is below 1.2m will get free entry with the purchase of Adult ticket. 

Fyi, doors open from 10am - 10pm daily whilst the Ice Bar opens from 3pm - 3am daily (I missed this!!) And once again, this Art exhibition is held at Sheares Link. 

I shall end the post with these 2 cute minions EZ-link card stickers! Aren't they adorable? Am very sure that many of you would definitely like to personalise your EZ-link cards too! I mean, who wouldnt want to look at pretty things especially when most of us use our EZ link cards so often! :) 

Will be back to blog about my Phuket trip that happened in October!


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