Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Five Izakaya Bar

As I'm in a Regional role, I hardly get to see my colleagues around in office. Its really hard to catch everyone but i'm glad we managed to yesterday! :) After much deliberation, we decided to head to Five Izakaya Bar at Cuppage Road for dinner + drinks!

It was fairly busy for a Thursday night! We were famished by the time we were seated and we wasted no time in ordering! First up, truffle fries to accompany our first Asahi tower which I didnt manage to get a picture of! My friends were too thirsty. Heh.

Truffle fries! It was not too bad! But Elton didnt like it because he felt it was smelly. Heh. Individual preference!

Beef Burger at only $7.55! It was good; best eaten when its still hot!

Deep Fried Whitebait

Sotong Rings/Calamari

"Five" wings which i found so-so only. It was topped off with some powder, which Carmen and I found spicy.. (Am not good with chilli!)

Luncheon chips!! The snack that goes best with beer. hehe. Super yummy but sinful.

Tuna which tasted so-so only

4 Cheese Pizzza which was so yummy! But of course, wasnt enough for the 6 of us.. Heh

Kronenbourg Tower!

Ending this post with a picture with the girls, Carmen and Constance. It really isn't easy planning a gathering between the close colleagues as everyone is always flying to different places at different times. There could be times when the office is really empty - which i've experienced before when I came back from a worktrip and boom, everyone left on theirs. Its really super duper sian. 

We always rant about how much this job takes us away from our family and loved ones.. and now, it has moved on to how little we get to see each other, and how we havent met up for dinners/drinks and our k sessions for so long now. We used to hangout so often and have k sessions in June/July earlier this year when all of us weren't so busy. But now, its super tough... :( Nevertheless, we have planned an upcoming k session and fingers crossed that the close colleagues will be able to make it! :)

Five Izakaya Bar

@ Cuppage Terrace
25 Cuppage Road, Cuppage Terrace
Singapore 229454
Tel: 67338097
Email: cuppage@fivebar.sg
Hours: 5pm - 12 am daily

@ Changi City Point
5 Changi Business Park Central 1, Changi City Point
Singapore 486038
Tel: 66048255
Email: changi@fivebar.sg
Hours: 5pm - 12am daily

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