Sunday, November 25, 2012

Worktrip to KL/Penang

My day started really early! I caught the 7.10am flight to KL. Met my colleagues for Macs breakfast at about 5.30am! (:


In the jacket I bought from my last trip to Bkk! Oh how much I miss BKK! The shopping and Sacha Uno!

Msia colleagues brought Howard and I to lunch at this awesome place which serves super yummy char siew! The char siew in Msia is really different from the ones in Singapore. It is really yummy!!!


Im salivating already ahhhh.


Roast Pork that I skipped!

After a long day at work, we headed to Sunway Pyramid for dinner! It was my first time there! Its a pretty huge mall with Sunway Lagoon just next to it!


We settled down at Sakae Sushi for dinner! Sakae Sushi in Msia, like an atas only huh. Use Ipad to order one leh! Steady!!




The food there is really cheap!! we had alot of plates of sushi + 1 donburi each and it only amounted to about S$32? Hehe!

Dinner on the Second night was Pizza Hut at 1 Utama shopping Mall! its a super huge mall that we couldnt finish walking!


This amounted to about S$30 i think!! 

Set off for Penang on our 3rd day there! Bye KL, i thought, never knew I would be back only 3 weeks later. Haha!


Armada Hotel, home for the past 2 nights!

Drove up to Penang, it was about 4-5 hours. the weather was pretty cooling, but the skies looked scary with dark clouds hovering. 



Pretty picture!

Stopped by at Ipoh for lunch before continuing on our journey to Penang. 


Hello Uncle and Auntie, I didnt mean to snap a picture of you, please dont stare at me this way!

Lunch was awesome!! Ipoh hor fun tasted so good. :( Pork satay was omg so yummy! Apparently they will serve a plate, eat whatever you can, and they will count the sticks and charge you for what you've eaten after! (:


We finally arrived at Subaru's Penang branch about 2 hours after lunch. I slept throughout the ride HEHE.


Headed to Penang Island where we were going to spend our last night at Vistana hotel.



Checked in after a long day on the road!


Changed and headed out for dinner with my colleagues at Gurney Drive. Finally the chance to try Authentic Penang cuisine!


Gurney Drive


Feasting. I miss Penang's Char Kway Teow!!

Met the Penang dealer on our last day there and my colleague brought us to this famous Char Kway Teow stall! SUPER GOOD!



Char Kway Teow with mantis prawn & huge juicy prawns! Ahhh, till I'm there in December again, I'll look forwarddd!!!

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