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Black Hair Salon, Bencoolen Street.

Hi there!! I have something very exciting to share with yall! :) Just before I start sharing, we're more than halfway past 2014, i really feel as though this year has zoomed past! Maybe because i've been through many many happy times, especially with the other half! Hehe. 

We're into the month of July, my favourite month of the year because its my birthday! My dear colleagues surprised me with a birthday cake (my favourite flavour - Cookies and Cream) on Friday  afternoon! I was genuinely surprised because I was just going to start eating my lunch that they bought back for me! This was what Rachel did upon seeing my burger! 

Birthday Burger! 

Would like to thank the colleagues for this! its already my 3rd year celebrating my birthday with the people at MIE, and its really these colleagues i have at work that makes work so much more bearable. :)

I dont know why it looks as if i'm praying in the picture above.. I'm making my once a year wish!

Next up, I'll share with you guys something awesome! Guess who has a hair sponsor now? Yours truly! I was lucky to be found via Facebook by Deniece, who is helping with the marketing of Black Hair Salon at Bencoolen street! I've met her and she's such a sweet and thoughtful girl! I was there Friday evening for my first hair service and I really liked it!

Basically, Black Hair Salon has been at Bencoolen Street for 14 years now! There are 2 Directors there - Raymond and Anthony who has 18 years of experience in this field! They have a team - or rather, a family of 8 stylists (including the Directors). Cat, Nic and Jimmy are the lead stylists with Frankie and Karen who assists them! And of course, Deniece, their brand fairy, who found me! :)

I was introduced to my hair stylist, Cat who is so thoughtful! It was my first time meeting her but there wasnt any awkwardness because she's such a friendly and outspoken lady. The hair service arranged for me was trim and treatment but because I told her of my intention to grow out my hair perhaps in August/September, Cat decided to do away the thought of doing an "Undercut" hairstyle for me and I could keep the shape and length of my hair for as long as I like!

This was taken after my haircut! Just look how neat I look as compared to the picture above with the cake! The previous look resembled a Helmet (as described by the boyfriend.)

Thats Karen starting on my treatment for me! Cat decided to do the Scalp treatment for me as my hair was alittle "loose" - not that i was losing hair!

Steamed for 10minutes!

So basically let me just describe that scalp treatment that I did yesterday. First up, exfoliation to remove the dead cells on the scalp. Afterwhich, essential oil was added to the mask mixture and I had to undergo "steaming" for 10mins! It was sooo cooling! Lastly, after rinsing, Cat sprayed on some Sea Salt Spray to loosen my hair, give it more volume and texture! I really felt the difference immediately after the treatment!

Whats more, hair tends to grow much faster after scalp treatments as your scalp has absorbed more nutrients to allow more hair growth!

Cat :)

Went home happy with a lighter and neater head! Styling hair got much tougher due to thicker hair growth after 5weeks, this haircut came just in time for the birthday! 

The Brand fairy, Deniece sent this to me just after midnight! She's such a sweet girl! :)

Got up earlier to take nicer shots of my hair since I'll be meeting the boyfriend tonight. Hehe.

Hair is so much more manageable after the trim and with the help of the gift below!!

Sea Salt Spray from Cat that is so good! 

Directions for use is very simple! Spray it after washing your hair and simply use a hair dryer to blow it dry! Easy peasy! And what you get is voluminous, layered hair which I need because obedient and neat hair doesnt look good when styled - too flat!

Loving the hair + the spray :)  

These are the 2 ongoing promotions that will be until the 31st of July! I have yet to try it but I have read reviews from the fellow bloggers who are sponsored by BHS too and they have been raving about it!

Black Hair Salon
The Bencoolen (Opposite OG)
180 Bencoolen street, #01-28 S(189646)
Tel: 6835 9976

Call to make an appointment with them & Quote "Zonia Raymond" for 10% off all hair services! :)

I had a staycation at Conrad Centennial hotel for my birthday with the boyfriend and friends last weekend! Stay tuned for it! :)

Till then! <3

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