Monday, September 3, 2012

Grandpa's birthday! (:

Ahgong celebrated his 74th birthday on the 31st of August! It felt really good being able to see all my dear cousins again, after such a long time! The last time being Fathers' Day, which was more than 2months ago!)


Knocked off slightly after 6pm that Friday, headed home to change and off we were to Xiaoshu's house at Merryn Terrace! We were the last to reach, due to the lousy traffic condition! Booo! Ate dinner as soon as we reached and it was so yummy! Sorry I forgot to capture pictures! Hehe.

Finished dinner super quickly cause we were super famished! Headed upstairs to catch up with the girls + Gugu! It's always nice talking to them about anything and everything. (: Went to Jing's room and took some pictures! :D

Mad love this picture of Jing and I together! Managed to capture a shot of Jing when she was younger! She was such a cutie and sweetheart & she still is! (:

Hehe, we love to take goofy shots together :D

Self shot of my Earrings from Bedazzled! Love simple studs like these. :D

Here's a shot of Jing and her darling, Hugo! He has tamed down so much! He used to bark soooo much but is such a good boy already. :D

Saw this in Jing's room! I like it so much! It was a gift from her friend, apparently! I need to eat less toooo! 

We headed downstairs to cut the cake as Ahgong was falling asleep! Ahgong and Ahma have a habit of waking up at 6am to go for morning walks together. So they have a very healthy lifestyle! 早睡早起身體好!

Ahgong and his Durian birthday cake! (*DROOLS)

Super duriany :D

Grandparents and Us. (:

As Jiejie and I are the two eldest grandchildren, we grew up having many relatives fuss over us. I clearly remember how Ahgong and Ahma would bring us to school and back (Nursery at that time, if I'm not wrong.) They would bring us out shopping, to Parkway Parade, which was near where we stayed at that time. I also remember how Ahgong booked a London cab just to bring the two of us to Sentosa while Daddy and Mummy were working. They really took very good care of us, and many may say that pampered us too much. Ahgong would always ask if we had enough money for school, giving us extra pocket money even if we kept telling him we had enough. Now that we're working, it feels really good to know that they are very proud of us. 

I love you, Ahgong and Ahma! (: 我愛你們!我和姐姐一定會孝順你們的!

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