Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Past Week

Hello all! I started the week with salad again! Camy and I have been really diligent, preparing ingredients for salad the night before or the morning before we head to work! It was prawn salad, courtesy of Camy on Monday! It was really a chore as she had to boil the prawns, deshell them and also remove the "shit"! It was really yummy (:

The yummy salad we had. My instagram has many pictures of salad already! Follow me! @zoniaraymond (:

Made a random decision to change my hair parting for the day on Tuesday! Hehe, centre parting! Very old school hor. hehehe. Went back to side parting the next day! HAHA. Not so brave afterall! 

Centre parting!

Jeremy celebrated his birthday last Thursday! Here's the happy boy with his Firehouse. (:


The PAs actually prepared a cake for him from Island Creamery! It was really gooood!! (: Apparently they got the same cake for him last year during his birthday as well! (:

Happy Birthday Jeremy! (:

A shot of the birthday boy with the guys - the others were either in TP or overseas. (Bad thing about working here is that we wont get to see all our colleagues always as they are always travelling!)

Friday's breakfast was super sumptuous! We had chicken breast, mango and avocado salad! (:

Camy made a super huge portion of salad for the team last Saturday as it was Singapore Ultimate Opens. YUMMY!!

Spent the Sunday with Daddy and Mummy! Wore my favourite comfy Charlie Chaplin top that read: 
A day spent without laughter is a day wasted. I AGREE.


Visited Swatow restaurant for Dim Sum (Again!) Hehe. Mummy says we shall try the other cuisine the next time we're there! Instead of having dimsum all the time. Hehe. 

Chee Cheong Fun is the all time favorite!!

Not forgetting siewmai, ribs and char siew pau!!

Hehe, am a sucker for Liu Sha Pau. Hehe. Can wolf down 2 at least!!

Shall end of this post with a picture of me when I was 10! Not so flattering, but ohwell, everyone has a past hideous photograph that we won't want to share with others right? Not me! I'll share with yall next time!! (: 

P.S. Beware, I think some pictures of me were really eerrrr. Hideous. 


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