Thursday, December 19, 2013

Nutcracker by City Ballet Academy

Months back, my sister and I promised Reiko that we'll support her at her ballet performance at the end of the year. At the blink of an eye, the long awaited performance and the dance that our little one + her friends have been rehearsing for, for more than 6 months is here! 

Skipped pilates class last Sunday as we had to reach NUS's University Cultural Centre by 11.30am - the dance was scheduled to start at 12pm! Hehe, we got up early that day to prepare and look pretty! And of course, left home early to snap some pictures downstairs.:)

Note to self: Try to keep my eyes wide open as I smile. My eyes are bigger than my sister's but they always disappear once I smile!! :(

Braces, braces please come off soon.. I'm hitting the 4th year mark in  March '14... :( 

My sister always says that I have alot of clothes.. But i always seem to have trouble deciding on the outfit of the day. :( Finally decided on the dress which I got myself more than half a year back! Its only my second time in this dress! The first was on my 23rd Birthday this year. Heh. This was how i looked then!

13 July 2013

Half a year later, 15 December 2013. Nothing much changed i guess. Just my hair/ fringe! Heh.

Cabbed over to NUS where we met up with Ahma, Jingyi (Reiko's sister), Xiaoshu and Xiaoshen. :) Its always so heartwarming to see the family supporting our little one. Im hoping that in the future, my own daughter will be interested in dance too! Please oh please  be graceful, unlike Me. hehe.

NUS's University Cultural Centre.

Snapped a quick picture with Ahma before we entered the theatre!

Tickets to Nutcracker. Act II, brought to us by City Ballet Academy! :)

Jiejie managed to steal a few shots of our dearest Reiko! :) She is such a talented dancer! It was my first time seeing her perform and it definitely wouldn't be my last!! 

Ahma and Jingyi.

The performance ended in about an hour or so, but our little girl took so long to come out! Her dad actually commented that we spent longer time waiting for her to come out than the actual performance duration! hehe. I was very sure the little ones were camwhoring in the changing room! Well, its not everyday that everyone is in full stage makeup and pretty outfits right? 

Reiko with her proud sister and mom!

My childhood playmates. Haha! i'm 4 and 8 years older than Jingyi and Reiko respectively. Heh, i saw them grow up! Especially Reiko. I remember the times when she was so puny. :D

Finally an individual shot with my dancer!

With the Ahma who we all love so much! We were all brought up by her :) Missing Ahgong because Ahgong wouldnt be able to sit in the theatre for so long.. 

Got picked up after the performance and off we went to NEX mall! Heh because i wanted to touch up my pink highlights which turned Gold/Pink-ier/Orange. Haha. Hideous la. We were famished as it was nearing 3pm and I didnt have anything in the morning and he went to the gym! Hungryyy. Looking at the picture of the Texas chicken makes me crave for it!

Original for me because I have a weak tummy and cannot take too spicy food!

Yay touch up time! Byebye funny colours. Hello pink/purple hair!

As the weather was chilly in the night, we settled for Fish steamboat which was super yummy. The soup was so good and there was alot of fish slices!! 

That was how i spent my Sunday! Looking forward to the coming Weekend already! :)

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