Saturday, September 10, 2011

USS and Festive Hotel!

After three months of not updating, Im back! I know I may have lost some readers during this period, but I'll update whenever possible! (: This post has been under my draft since July! Im glad I finally managed to update this!

For those who don't know, I turned 21 on the 13 of July this year and my friends and I booked a 2D1N stay at Festive Hotel, Resort World Sentosa on the week Thursday before my birthday (and also before my school commences!) As most of you who read my sister's blog may know, our parents are very strict and unlike other people who are of the same age as us, we weren't allowed to spend the night with our friends etc as my parents are worried for our safety! Real protective parents but its for our own good! (:

Hence, I was really excited when the 7th of July was approaching! I brought along Li Xian and Yolanda as my dearest B and G couldn't make it!

Met early for breakfast before entering our favourite playground, Sentosa! (:

Yolanda's parents who were so sweet to drive us in!

xx, yy and zz!

this is zee casino at RWS! No i wasnt allowed entrance because it was a week away from my actual birthday! (Had no intention to enter anyway!)

Haha, mimicking a character from a HK Drama serial! 

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The pretty beautiful streets in USS!

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Its not everyday that we are able to pretend that we are tourists in our own country! So that explains how we want to do what tourists do and ignore the stares from the others! (:


Checked into our hotel around 1ish2! and was welcomed by this! Hahaha!

I changed and then we headed out for round two! 

I love this picture! Squeaks were behind this picture because we were all falling to my side and I had to struggle to balance and prevent us from falling! (That explains why my left feet's like that!)

Awww our carriage!

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*Rolls eyes, ikr. haha, idk why I tried imitating the penguin! 

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These shots marked the end of Day 1 and we headed for a late dinner at 10ish! We all had ramen which tasted so-so! Bathed and played a few rounds of Monopoly Deal before we knocked out one by one! TOO TIRED! :D

Stay tuned for Day 2!


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