Thursday, August 30, 2012

Convocation 2012; I've Graduated.

After 1.5 years of studying and doing projects with my RMIT mates, we finally graduated! And amazingly, it was only after 9months after our last paper that our convocation was held. Nonetheless, I was very excited as it was an opportunity to meet up with my dear friends who I haven't met for the past 9months! (Except for Lixian that is) I've really missed them!

It was held at SIM last Wednesday. I was really looking forward to it! It was the day I could put on my graduation gown and collect my official certificate on stage in front of my family. (: Headed to school early as my dearest Bernice was graduating the same day! (Different sessions!) I've known her for about 5 years since we met in SP. I'm glad we managed to keep things how they were though we pursued different degree courses after Poly! (:

On the way to SIM! I drove my family there cos I was more familiar. (Quoted by my mom. hehe)

I headed straight for the atrium to meet Bernice! That pretty girl was there with her family! So happy to know that Lixian, Bernice and I made it, and it was nice that our graduation ceremonies were on the same day! (There were 9 sessions spread over 3 days. hehe)

Bernice. So pretty right. Dont play play okay, she's a Dragonboater!

This is her with her Dragonboater boyfriend, Charles! (:

Not long after, it was my turn to head for registration! Met up with the girls and headed for robing! So exciting. There were so many people graduating, it was almost impossible to identify friends because everyone looked the same! Hehe. Nevertheless, we found each other and headed for the Grand Hall! Bumped into my parents there and snapped a picture together ahead of the Ceremony! 

Mummy, Daddy, Jiejie! (:

The Professors, Heads etc. Harry Potter like heh. 

After numerous speeches that took so long, it was time for the presentation ceremony! My awesome sister managed to capture a shot of myself on stage. Woohoo! 

Yay thanks Jie (: 

After 2 hours, the ceremony ended and we were off to the atrium for pictures and the tea ceremony! Found my sister and we took a shot together! (:


After gulping down several cups of juice (i think), I started going around looking for my friends to take pictures together! I was really glad that I attended the Orientation back in 2010 as it bonded the whole group of us. We were always together as one big clique that was difficult to miss. Hehe. 

This is Lixian! Bff from Poly days. (: Im glad we both managed to survive numerous projects and exams! I'd always remember how we used to skip lectures in poly just to sing K, play bowling or simply just to people watch or hang around. You're a Distinction student! I'm very proud of you! (:

CYY! I was really glad he managed to come down. This is a very close guy friend back from CYA days. He's basically very nonsensical la, but a friend worth keeping. (: Thanks for rushing to and fro though you had lectures! 

Jasmine and I with Happy and Mickey! So cute la! Its funny how we have so many in common. (: It was only after graduation that I found out that she was such an awesome make up artist!! Next time I know who to look for! (:

Hern, she was the one who introduced the whole lot of us to Ultimate Frisbee. The sport that greatly changed us! Thanks Hern! 

Valerie. I've always known her as the one who goes around looking for awesome places for meals. Her instagram pictures always kills me when I'm starving! I love you Val! An awesome groupmate. (:

Anizza. (: The cutie pie who never fails to give me a big heart whenever we see each other. :D

This is Pearlyn! Pretty right. Her body damn hot one please. She's currently managing a blogshop called Simply Pristine

Project mates; missing Nana and Liwen!

Nate! (: 

Denise! The Miss RMIT in our hearts. :D 

Here I am with MR RMIT! He damn stylo. He went up the stage to collect his certificate with his MR RMIT Sash! (: Handsome la Gabe!

Carin- She's the girlfriend of my best friend! Hehe. It was so sweet of her to do up a card for us. (: BIG HEART. To my best friend: I wish you all the best in your new job okay! (:

PK Lixian and I! This PK super sporty one. Her stamina also damn good. Her laughter is freaking contagious! I'll miss school with you, teddy!

Dear Daddy and Mummy, 

Thank you for bringing me up, supporting me in my studies for the past 15 years since I started Primary School. I remember crying to Mummy because I was too stressed up with school, project and exams. She always told me to just do my best. I did and I hope I did Daddy and you proud when you saw me on stage. 

Dear Jiejie,

Although you're only a year older than I am and although we always bicker and all, I really love you! Thank you for giving in to me since young. Thank you for buying me gifts, helping me buy things first but never asking me to pay you back. I hope I did you proud too! (:


There, my certificate. I've officially graduated with a Bachelor in Marketing. (:


Anonymous said...

Congrats for graduating zonia! :)

I am in RMIT BBM program now :) U are my role model. Hope i can achieve degree with distinction too! :)

All the best in whatever you do.

Zonia Raymond said...

Anonymous said...
Congrats for graduating zonia! :)

I am in RMIT BBM program now :) U are my role model. Hope i can achieve degree with distinction too! :)

All the best in whatever you do.

Heyy! No lah! I'm no role model! I always skip lectures one! Don't take after me ok. But, yeah! You'll be able to achieve it as well so long as your projects turn out good and score during exams!! Dont belittle every 10% test as well! They are alll important!!! (:

All the best for your studies! (:

Joey Kayvern said...

Hi Zonia,

I am currently graduating from poly and am interested in taking up RMIT Marketing bachelor course which you did too! However, I am kinda worried and puzzled which course should I take. Would you mind to share more with me or if I could contact you through your email ? (:

Thank you,

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