Thursday, May 7, 2015

Happy Mothers' Day!

Its Mother's Day this coming Sunday and its the time of the year again, to thank our Mothers & Grandmothers for all that they have done to bring us up. I was born a month before I was due and I think apart from the usual worry of a premature baby, delivery was probably easier as I was only 2.4kg, but born with a relatively big head. That explains why my parents always sang the Big head song to me during my childhood days. 

Below is a picture of the people I love most. This was taken during our trip to Genting Highlands back when I was just 3 years old and Jiejie was 4. Look at how cool our shades are and the dressing! Never knew that my mum dressed us up so fashionably. Hehe.


As the second/last child of the family, I was and am still being treated like the Baby in the family. I guess its true what people say, regardless how old you are, you'll always be the baby in your parents' eyes. This is even more true for the youngest because I also have my sister, who sometimes act like my second mother at home!



This is my Mum. Mum brought us up in a pretty strict manner as she would sit us both down on weekday nights and weekends to study and revise our schoolwork with us. Tuition classes in the subjects that we were weak in and going straight home after school each day (except on days where we had Netball trainings) I remember studying with my sister over the weekend and Mum would sit next to both of us guiding us. Jiejie and I would end up talking and then Mum would ask one of us to turn around and face the other direction to stop us from talking and start being productive. Kind of miss the days where I had to study all day and sit for exams. Weren't those days much easier? Why did we have to grow up. Haha

I would say, if my Mum did not emphasise the importance of books and qualifications, I probably wouldn't have been able to attain better than average results throughout my school days. She's a strong woman, very independent and this was even more so when Dad underwent surgery close to 6 years ago. She practically had to carry the weight of the entire family on her shoulders. Jiejie and I was still schooling then and we weren't able to help much except to help with household chores and bringing Dad to the clinics for followups and therapies. 

Every birthday, Mothers' day, X'mas, Mum has consistently reminded us not to get her any gifts - "Just a meal together will do", she says. Thank you Mummy, for bringing us up the way you did. :) 


This is my Ahma! I love her very much. I grew up hearing comments that I take after my Grandma and  when I took a look at pictures of Ahma's younger days, I couldnt agree more. People say I look like my Gugu too! This is all because I take after my Dad. 

Ahma spoils us, both my grandparents do. I dont remember them scolding us while growing up. Being the 2 oldest grandchildren of 9 in all, I'm really glad to have spent so much time with them. As the years go by, I find myself wanting to spend more time and have meals with them. Ahma will always cook yummy dishes when we visit and will always fill our plates! 


And this is my Brother 

Just kidding. This is my dearest sister! My roommate since young. We grew up quarrelling/fighting/arguing alot. But somehow, these quarrels never lasted. Its as if they were gone with the wind. All these years, my sister has always looked out for me. There were days that she would nag at me, being the usual annoying older sister. But I know she loves me as much as I do, or even more! Well, I was her playmate since young and she had a good time bullying me since young! :D


Happy Mothers' Day to all Mothers! 

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