Saturday, May 9, 2015

Lash Extensions & Happy Birthday Shawn!

Unlike my sister, I wasnt born with long lashes.. (Why so unfair..) When I go out, I find myself having to put on mascara, or else I will look tired (in my opinion) + I don't usually wear eyeliner as well. After much procrastination, I decided to try out lash extensions at the place my friend, Brenda recommended me to! 

Well I took a selfie before I left home and thats how I look without mascara - I feel that I look really tired.. o.0
Tadah! After what seems to be an hour, I came out of the salon feeling satisfied! I mean, just look at the difference! I look back on the Before picture (this was with alittle eyeshadow as liner) and ask myself, where.. where are the lashes?? 

Headed to Vivocity after the appointment as I was supposed to meet Bernice and Gwenda before heading over to Amara Sanctuary Resort to surprise Shawn as it was his birthday yesterday! Lixian invited us over to surprise him for his birthday dinner :) The sweet couple got engaged last December, so happy for them!

Lixian made a reservation for dinner at Thanying Restaurant which serves Thai food. While waiting for the dishes to arrive, the girls did what we do best while Charles and Shawn engaged in the men's talk. 
Lixian :)
Gwenda and Bernice
IMG_8147We were really famished by the time the dishes arrived and these friends very kindly let me take pictures before we tucked in! The food was good! Especially the Chicken stuffed with minced chicken, Pineappple fried rice and Pork ribs! 
Since 2007
Lixian booked a room at Equarius hotel for a night and we headed over to check out the room + chill out.. And of course, more photos!
The hotel very kindly prepared a birthday cake for Shawn! Too bad it wasnt to his liking as he wasn't a fan of Dark chocolate. 
Happy Birthday Shawn!
The guys + Gwenda started their serious conversation while Lixian, Bernice and I decided to fool around with Dubsmash. Hahaha we had a blast laughing at the videos we made. These are the two videos we felt satisfied with after many many tries!


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