Thursday, November 11, 2010


I haven't been out of the country for the longest timeee. the last trip was to Bkk, Thailand in 2006 after my O's! It has been sooooo long.

I would be in Hong Kong with my family by the time this is posted! We left for HK at 6.45am this morning by United Airlines! We would be spending a night in the DisneyLand Hotel, Hongkong before moving on to Prudential Hotel located just above Jordan MTR. Its pretty like Swissotel The Stamford and City Hall MRT. So its pretty convenient!

I grew up watching Disney Cartoons! So I'm so eggcited to be spending the first night in HK at the Disneyland Hotel itself! (: I do hope that I'll be able to get a picture or two taken with Mickey! (:

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Prudential Hotel, Hong Kong.

As I'm the only one in the family who does not have to study/work at the moment, mummy has given me a mission! haha, to find out the places of interest esp for shopping! Any suggestions? (: One of Daddy's colleague's sister is an air stewardess with Cathay Pacific. She gave Daddy a map and there were 4 different colours assigned to the different areas! and apparently, the colors actually signify the prices in which things are sold. For instance, the map marks the areas Red, Yellow, Green and Blue from top down. Things sold in the RED area are generally more expensive while the things sold in the BLUE area are more affordable. I have no idea how true this information may be but guess I'll only find out when Thursday comes. If its true, I'd upload a picture of the map on my blog! It could come in handy for those of you visiting HK soon! (:

It used to be easier for our family to go on holidays together as Zoe and I had school holidays at the same time and all it took was for Daddy and Mummy to take leave. Now we can only go overseas together when I am having school holidays and when my family can take leave! So I'm superrrrrr looking forward to our HK trip and Bkk trip in December 3weeks after we come back from HK!

THE PEAK IS A MUST GO, MOST PEOPLE SAY! stay tuned for the awesome pictures when I'm backkk!


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