Monday, June 29, 2015

#Pearlbertbelongs wedding

Attended my uni mates, Albert & Pearlyn's wedding last weekend at Shangri-la. I was so excited beforehand before the wedding day because of the many wedding photos of them I saw on Facebook and Instagram! Back in 2010 when I first entered university, Lixian and I joined the camp and got to know the whole bunch of our uni mates! It was a huge group of us and we really had lots of fun during the 1.5 year course :)

Pearlyn's favourite place is Paris and Albert proposed to her last April infront of the Eiffel Tower! So sweet right. I remember seeing the pictures and videos on FB/IG and got all excited for both of them!

I love attending weddings because its such a happy event full of love! Its also a place where we meet up with people we havent had the chance to see for the longest time! At this wedding, we managed to catch up with some of the mates who we havent met for almost 3 years! Sometimes I really wonder, Singapore is so small, but why is it that i dont bump into people I know?
The bunch of us! The group is way bigger than this tho!
The table I was seated at, with the project groupmates plus Denise!
With the lovely couple and my favourite girls!
Congratulations, dearest Pearl and Albert! I wish yboth a blessed marriage and an eventful life together hereon! May little ones come soon! <3

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